About this Blog



I am your host, Dr. Shauna Bennett.

I have a BA in Chemistry, a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and an unyielding desire to gaze at the stars and pick up cool rocks. I was never good at choosing one science to love, but I have been studying viruses for a while and they are fascinating and worthy.

I started this blog to talk about science subjects I think are important, and these have become the general themes: 


Research I think is cool

Communicating to non-scientists

Artistic perspectives of science

Now, what I want non-scientists to learn is that: 

Science is a beautiful way of understanding the world around you, and scientists are in this business because they feel that way and love being able to figure out nature’s little mysteries.

The process of research involves gathering evidence, and eventually this is how we come to conclusions that you read about in the news. But the process is not perfect, even with peer review, and occasionally flaws are found.

The pursuit of scientific discoveries builds on previous discoveries and relies on their merit for testable hypotheses, so scientists rely on the honesty and transparency of their peers. Sometimes bad research gets out, but over time the scientific community will figure it out. And for the big issues, there is usually so much critical discussion in the scientific community that it is safe to  trust the scientific consensus.

Never stop learning! I can’t stop anyway, its like an addicition.

Feel free to get in touch with me!

For the love of science,




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